Chapter Eternal – Dr. Mick Turk ‘61

Jim “Dobie” Dobrovolny passed on the sad note that Dr. Mick Turk ‘61 passed. Here is a link to Mick’s obituary:

“He was great friends with Dr. Bill Mohlenbrock ’61 now from San Diego. They grew up together in Murphysboro. Mick played baseball at UI and Bill played Basketball for Harry Combs here. Mick learned that he had had cancer in both of his kidneys very recently. He was a very generous and gentle man who donated much of his time in retirement to providing dental services to kids in need. I think he has a grandson on Notre Dame’s nationally ranked hockey team. Mick always had a smile and kind word for anyone, loved to play golf, smoke a cigar, and help kids.”

Jim “Dobie” Dobrovolny ‘70

“We have been the closest of friends since about the 7th grade. We played football and basketball together and no two young guys could have been closer. He left U of I early when he had the opportunity to take a seat in the dental school. He was one of us Taus. Mick had been retired for 5 or so years and was content and happy.”

Dr. Bill Mohlenbrock ‘61

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