Gamma Zeta Scholarship Summary

Gamma Zeta has over $545,000 funded and $24,900 in annual awards. This represents the 2nd largest scholarship endowment fund of all ATO chapters. Over $130,000 in scholarships have been awarded to Gamma Zetas since these scholarships were created.

Scholarship applications are accepted in September each year and the scholarships are awarded in a ceremony at Homecoming in October for all except the Sinnock Scholarship which is announced and awarded each spring.

A scholarship committee of distinguished Gamma Zeta Alumni has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to select the winners of the scholarships each year.  This includes:

  • Dave Seiler ’77 – Managing Partner, Central IL for McGladrey (Committee Chair)
  • Frank Voris ’87 – CEO of ViVaki
  • Dr. Michael Terry ’94 – Orthopedic Surgeon at Northwestern and Head Team Physician for the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Bill Forsyth ’83 – Partner and Founder, Fron9er Partners, Inc. (former Chief Illini)
  • Patrick Jensen ’98 – Managing Director, Prairie Capital

Note that Dr. Terry, Bill Forsyth and Patrick Jensen were all ATO Thomas Arkle Clark Award winners, (top ATO undergrad in country).

Name Fund Award Criteria
Matt Heldman $90,000 $4,100 Athletic, Academic, Leadership, Extra Curricular
Frederick C. Philbrick $79,000 $3,700 Academic, Leadership
Robert J. Simonds $75,000 $3,500 Academic, Leadership
Robert J. Simonds $30,000 $1,300 Leadershape
J.D. Sinnock $95,000 $3,900 Sr. for Grad School
David S. Timson $117,000 $5,600 Leadership, Business
Richard V. Clausing $59,000 $2,800 Leadership, Finance/Accounting
Totals $545,000 $24,900

In addition:

John W. Ruettinger 1927 was the first chairman of the ATO Foundation Fund. He left a bequest to fund a National scholarship and his fund is used to fund a portion of our annual National Undergraduate Scholarship program.

Stephen Stoddard ’50 also left a bequest to the ATO Foundation which was placed in the 21st Century Fund. He was a generous annual contributor to the Foundation. His gift helps endow the operations of the Foundation so 100% of all future contributions will go directly to scholarships and educational programs.

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