Gamma Zeta has over $545,000 funded and $24,900 in annual awards. This represents the 2nd largest scholarship endowment fund of all ATO chapters. Over $130,000 in scholarships have been awarded to Gamma Zetas since these scholarships were created.

Scholarship applications are accepted in September each year and the scholarships are awarded in a ceremony at Homecoming in October for all except the Sinnock Scholarship which is announced and awarded each spring.

A scholarship committee of distinguished Gamma Zeta Alumni has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to select the winners of the scholarships each year.  This includes:

  • Dave Seiler ’77 – Managing Partner, Central IL for McGladrey (Committee Chair)
  • Frank Voris ’87 – CEO of ViVaki
  • Dr. Michael Terry ’94 – Orthopedic Surgeon at Northwestern and Head Team Physician for the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Bill Forsyth ’83 – Partner and Founder, Fron9er Partners, Inc. (former Chief Illini)
  • Patrick Jensen ’98 – Managing Director, Prairie Capital

Note that Dr. Terry, Bill Forsyth and Patrick Jensen were all ATO Thomas Arkle Clark Award winners, (top ATO undergrad in country).

Matt Heldman$90,000$4,100Athletic, Academic, Leadership, Extra Curricular
Frederick C. Philbrick$79,000$3,700Academic, Leadership
Robert J. Simonds$75,000$3,500Academic, Leadership
Robert J. Simonds$30,000$1,300Leadershape
J.D. Sinnock$95,000$3,900Sr. for Grad School
David S. Timson$117,000$5,600Leadership, Business
Richard V. Clausing$59,000$2,800Leadership, Finance/Accounting

In addition:

John W. Ruettinger 1927 was the first chairman of the ATO Foundation Fund. He left a bequest to fund a National scholarship and his fund is used to fund a portion of our annual National Undergraduate Scholarship program.

Stephen Stoddard ’50 also left a bequest to the ATO Foundation which was placed in the 21st Century Fund. He was a generous annual contributor to the Foundation. His gift helps endow the operations of the Foundation so 100% of all future contributions will go directly to scholarships and educational programs.