“12 Months of Carp” Calendar

Valentines Carp

Valentines Carp

As some of you might have seen, Little league Baseball is taking a Chicago style pounding here.

Very sad for the kids.

If you want on fight back , I ask you to consider a downstate league, this one junior football.

I am raising money for the Taylorville Quarterback club.

Despite it’s inability to get our Gamma Zeta house a champion QB, I do believe in the program.

And I believe in value. For those of you tormented by our brother, Bruce “Carp” Barry ’80,  I have a way to get back at him!

Stoning is still illegal in the US.

However, Carp has posed for 12 Calendar pics.  Not pretty and he should be ashamed.

However, as you might expect he has no shame and wants us to raise money for local youth football. I have personally purchased all of the calendars. So if you want one let me know and for a $25 gift to The Quarterback Club of Taylorville, you can own a piece of Carp.  Make a donation on-line below and I’ll mail you a calendar.

You must order before March 1, 2015.

Cary “CMac” McMillan ’80




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