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  1. Bruce Capel is on the top of my list of “most admired” for his humility, gentle nature, love for others and strong resolve. He was the same whether on campus, at ATO or on the football field.

    Bruce’s sudden and shocking death made the horrors of war a reality for me.

    With fond and forever remembrances of Bruce,

    • Agree with Bo. Bruce was a special guy. I always think of him when I visit the Chapter House, or, especially, when I see his bigger-than-life picture at Memorial Stadium.

  2. Bruce–MuNu– was the epitome of an ATO anda gentleman. He was loved by all. It was not unusual for there to be young kids from CU in his room who idolized him. Most of us who lived in the house with him remember how quiet the house was the day we learned of his death. He was, and still is, missed.

  3. Mu-Nu.

    Bruce got this nickname, because he stumbled over this part of the Greek alphabet when, as frogs, we had to stand and recite the same at dinner.

    As fine a young man as I’ve ever met.

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