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Mark Faber '75 and Bill Barry '77 perform at Homecoming

Mark Faber ’75 and Bill Barry ’77 perform at Homecoming 2014

The piano that has rested in the west living room for years has recently undergone a complete restoration.  It is a Bechstein, built in 1902 in Berlin, Germany and purchased by the Gamma Zeta Chapter in 1917.  During WWI it was stored in our founder Thomas Arkle Clark’s living room when the Chapter house was closed down due to the war.  Estimates of it’s restored value exceed $40,000 but as the oldest relic of our past and its link to our founder, Thomas Arkle Clark it’s invaluable to us.  While the restoration is complete, we’re still about $10,000 short of the funds needed to pay for the restoration which needed to be borrowed from other budgets.  Please consider making a donation today!