Jack Klues ’77 inducted into Illinois Fraternity/Sorority Hall of Fame

Congrats to Jack Klues ’77 on being inducted into the Illinois Fraternity and Sorority Alumni Hall of Fame on this past Saturday, April 21! Jim Dobrovolny ’71 presented a nice donation in Jack’s name on our behalf to the Adlon Dohme Jorgensen Greek Life Endowment Fund. Nice mention in the DI too – https://dailyillini.com/news/2018/04/21/five-illinois-alumni-inducted-into-fraternity-and-sorority-hall-of-fame/

Spring 2018 Gamma Zeta Newsletter

If you didn’t get it at home… read it here!  If you’re not getting it at home in the mail, we don’t have a good mailing address for you.  Please send me your current mailing address – daneluhrsen@gmail.com and I’ll update your info in our database.  You can update your information directly in our on-line directory by clicking on the “Manage Account” tab at the top of this page.

Jack Klues ’77 selected for U of I Fraternity and Sorority HOF

Very happy to pass on the news that our BOT Chairman, Jack Klues ’77 has been selected to be inducted into The University of Illinois Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Hall of Fame for his “outstanding career in advertising and media, and his positive representation of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and the University of Illinois”. The Hall of Fame event is set to take place on Saturday, April 21st from 3-5pm at the Illini Union. Congrats Jack!! Very well deserved.

’82s to pose on Wacker Drive on March 29

82’s will re-create pose from their pledge class walkout at the ” 82 Tau Walk Out” Happy Hour!

Thursday, March 29th
5:00 pm – 8 :00 pm

South Branch
100 S Wacker
(312) 546-6177
(close to train)

All Gamma Zetas and friends are welcome to come out, buy them a beer and witness this event which is sure to stop traffic dead on Wacker Drive. Don’t miss it!

Update… here are the 82’s almost 40 years later… keeping their shirts on but still having a lot of fun together!  Lumpy, Jim Thompson, Greg Ewert, Dean, Bryan Leonard, Sanch and John Cochrane.

Gamma Zeta ’67, ’68, ’69 Reunion Booklet

The Gamma Zeta classes of ’67, ’68 and ’69 will be holding their 50th reunion this coming Homecoming (October 2018) led by Jim Frakes ’68 and a great committee.  They have an incredible weekend planned and their organization and thoughtfulness in putting together the activities has been second to none.  One of the things that they have already completed is an absolutely fantastic booklet containing profiles of as many of the members of these three classes as they could possibly find.  They are a wonderfully diverse, interesting and diverse group that clearly succeeded while on campus and throughout their careers and lives.  They valued their ATO experience and have stayed great friends over the past 50 years.

Here’s what Jim Frakes had to say about the reunion booklet…

“Producing this Reunion Booklet has been a challenge and a labor of love. After an exhaustive search for brothers from the Classes of ’67, ’68 and ’69, repeated requests for contact information, biographies and photographs, and a lot of cajoling and pleading, the effort is nearly as complete as it can be. Thanks to all of you who submitted your information, and thanks to Mort, Stace, Gulliver, Denny, Bo, P.K., The Hound, and Burlap for their assistance.

Having read and lightly edited every entry, I suggest that you will want to read this booklet cover-to-cover. The stories are inspiring, humbling, sometimes surprising, occasionally saddening, often humorous, and, most of all, incredibly interesting.

We have all shared a common bond for 50 years, give or take a year. The bond was forged in the crucible of our undergraduate fraternity years and continues to this day to varying degrees. These are the stories of our lives.

There are impressive stories of estimable careers in business, law, medicine, engineering, science, education, architecture, journalism, aviation and sports. There are descriptions of anguishing personal and family tragedies which were oftentimes mitigated by family, friends, faith and even Alcoholics Anonymous. The strong influence of the Viet Nam War, the military draft and the Nixon Lottery course through many of these narratives.

In addition to the conventional natures of many of the stories, there are interesting off-beat features to many. One of us once told Nick Saben, at that time an insurance salesman, that he would never make any money coaching football. Others included the senior pilot for United Airlines, a Loch Ness Monster investigator, a Top Gun pilot, the Mayor of East Lansing, MI, and an advertising specialist who urged us to “Be Like Mike.” Another went from shaving in the Old Head to the fighter cockpit and then later on to a PhD and a career in military and public service.

There is a mushroom hunter, a horse breeder, and, ironically, a “horse mortality” businessman, as well as a Bronze Tablet pickleball player, a PGA Golf Professional and several professional football players. There is a Country Western singer, a street-cart vendor , a physician riverboat-casino owner, a reclusive North Woodsman, a climate activist and even a dragon-boating enthusiast. Who knew? This booklet is fun reading because we all know the cast of characters. And “characters” they indeed were and still remain.”

I think that you’ll enjoy reading this booklet.  Here it is – ATΩ Reunion Booklet (1)

Make it a double header Illini/ATO Golf weekend!

Peter Korst ’76 asked me to share the following about another great golf opportunity for Illini fans – FRIDAY – AUGUST 11th, 2017 – DEERFIELD GOLF CLUB
Dane, I am a member of the University Illinois Department of Recreation, Sports and Tourism Alumni Advisory Board. There is a golf outing fund raiser that supports scholarships for students in that department that I think some of guys may be interested in considering. The outing features Illini sports greats as the main attraction with whom you golf and interact. It is a pretty impressive lineup. I am asking if you might send this notification to the distribution list.
Here is the link to the event site where people can learn more about the Illini celebs who will be there, how they can sign up to participate and opportunities to sponsor if they are interested.

Register for the 16th Annual RG Swedo Golf Outing Today!

Registration is open for the 16th Annual R Gregory Swedo Golf Outing – please start signing up for this year’s outing. For the 3rd straight year, we’ll award the Matt Heldman Trophy to the ATO team with the lowest score. Note – reduced price for ATO’s under 30 ($75).

WHEN – August 12, 2017 – 1pm Shotgun Start, BBQ Starts at 5pm
WHERE – Carillon Golf Course, 21200 S Carillon Dr, Plainfield, IL 60544

Link for registration and additional details – http://gregswedo.nationbuilder.com/golf_outing_20190407

Phil Coover ’04 interviews Craig Nadborne ’78 on his Real Estate for Breakfast Podcast

Check out Phillip Coover’s ’04 latest “Real Estate for Breakfast” podcast. His guest is Gamma Zeta ’78 Craig Nadborne. Craig is an office tenant rep broker and senior managing director at Bradford Allen. They discuss the Bradford Allen quarterly report and the state of the office market in downtown Chicago. Craig advises on the current rental rates, total inventory, the difference between A, B and C class buildings, current trends in new office buildings and renovating existing buildings, and what’s to come in future quarters. Very interesting. Great job guys!! – https://www.realestatebreakfast.com/real-estate-for-breakfast/

Link to the Real Estate for Breakfast main page and all of Phil’s interviews.