Scholarship Applications

IMG_4789Simonds, Clausing, Heldman, Timson and Philbrick Scholarships

Note that you only need to apply once using the master application form and you’ll be considered for each of these scholarships which you are eligible.  These scholarships are all awarded to current initiated ATO Gamma Zeta undergraduate members.  Please check the pages for each scholarship for their respective qualifications and specific criteria.  Application deadline for 2017 is October 8 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight):

Gamma Zeta Undergraduate Master Scholarship Application

J.D. Sinnock Scholarship

The Sinnock scholarship is awarded each spring to a Gamma Zeta ATO who is a graduating senior and will be attending graduate school the following fall term.  Application is not currently open.

Thomas Arkle Clark Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas Arkle Clark Memorial Scholarships are awarded each summer to male graduating high school seniors who will be attending the University of Illinois in the following fall.  The application is not currently open.

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