University of Illinois Leadership

Here’s a partial list of active and retired Gamma Zeta ATOs who are or have in the past provided leadership at the University of Illinois:

  • Thomas Arkle Clark 1890– President University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • Franklin W. Scott 1901 – Chairman Illini Publishing Company, Founder and editor of the Alumni Quarterly forerunner of the Alumni News, Secretary of the Illinois Alumni Association
  • Walter W. Williams 1905 – University of Illinois Board of Trustees
  • Harvey C. Wood 1905 – President of the University of Illinois Club of New York
  • Louis C. Moschel 1905 – University of Illinois Board of Trustees
  • Harold A. Pogue 1916 – President, Illinois Board of Trustees, President, Illinois Alumni Association – 1951-53
  • John H. “Jack” Powers 1917 – first Chief Executive of the University of Illinois Foundation
  • Stewart D. Daniels 1922, Chairman University of
    Illinois Alumni Association –1959-61
  • Dean A. Olson ’40 – College of Business Advisory Committee (1981-1987), College of Engineering Advisory Committee (1984-1987)
  • Stewart D. Daniels Jr. ’49 LAS – 1990 Illini Comeback Honoree by the Student Alumni Ambassadors of the University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • Robert D. Heath 1950 – President of the Illinois Alumni Association from 1979 until 1981, University of Illinois Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award 1982
  • Ron Bess ’69 BUS, MS ’72 MEDIA – 2012 Illini Comeback Honoree by the Student Alumni Ambassadors of the University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • John W. Wright 1969 – University of Illinois Veterans’ Memorial Steering Committee
  • John C. Aymond 1980 – Board, GCBA (Greek Council Board of Advisors), University of Illinois Alumni Association Finance Committee
  • Cary D. “CMAC” McMillan 1980 – University of Illinois Chicago Athletics Advisory Board
  • Lawrence C. Eppley 1982 – former Chairman, University of Illinois Board of Trustees
  • John A. Cochrane 1982 – Board of the University of Illinois College of Business Alumni Association
  • William R. Rolander Jr. 1983 – University of Illinois, Alumni Real Estate Forum
  • William D. “Bill” Forsyth III 1986 – University of Illinois Alumni Association – At Large Director, Chairman, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee
  • Michael D. Lyman 1983 – Chair, Dean’s Business Council, University of Illinois College of Business
  • Matthew R. “Matt Massucci 1996 – Advisory Board of the University of Illinois Alumni Career Center
  • J. Ryan Potts 1999 – University of Illinois Athletic Board
  • John H. Seiler 1954 – Board Secretary – Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing
  • Larry L. Austermiller 1962 – Former Chairman, University of Illinois College of Commerce and Business Administration Business Advisory Council
  • Thomas W. Hough 1973 – Dean’s Business Council, University of Illinois College of Business
  • David J. Seiler 1977 – Former Board Secretary, University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • William T. Barry 1977 – Former Board, Chicago area University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • Jack M. Klues 1977 – College of Media (James Webb Young BOD Member)

In addition, the following ATOs have been recognized as Chicago “Illini of the Year” by the University of Illinois Alumni Association:

  • 2010 – Ronald W. Bess ’69 BUS, ’72 MEDIA, President and CEO, Euro RSCG Chicago
  • 2005 – Jack Klues ’77 MEDIA, Chairman and CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group
  • 2004 – Cary D. McMillan ’80 BUS – Chief Executive Officer, Sara Lee Branded Apparel
  • 2001 – Thomas Tunney ‘77 ACES – President, Ann Sathers Restaurants
  • 2016 – William T. Barry ’77 BUS, EVP, Draper and Kramer

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