Message from our Chairman, Jack Klues ’77


I hope this letter finds you and your family off to a peaceful and productive New Year.

Speaking in behalf of the Board and House Corporation, we have found the first weeks of the Spring semester both interesting and promising.  The physical plant has never looked better.  Even though our beloved Chapter House does show its age in places and renovations are far from complete, the undergrads are showing the place the respect and care we all know it deserves.

The Chancellor for the University of Illinois, Dr. Phyllis Wise, came to the House for dinner on January 21st.  All of you would have been very proud of how Alumni and Undergrads worked together to create a truly special experience worthy of such a high profile VIP guest.

Just last weekend, the membership completed its 3rd of four weekends with the Plaid Consultancy and Jaden Brown who is our National HQ representative.  Its going exceptionally well as I have personally attended all of them.

To quote a summary of the latest weekend from Jaden himself,

“I would say that this is the best I have felt about Gamma Zeta in the past 3 years.  They not only understood what we were teaching them, but they came up with adjustments that need to happen not only to get off suspension but make sure that this Spring we are one of the top chapters on campus.  I was pleased to see many of the men answering questions and engaged.  They are starting to form together as a team and most are quickly jumping on board.”

We must keep this positive momentum going strong on all fronts.  However, we need to rely upon more resources than paid consultants, ATO National, and about a dozen generous and committed Alumni BOT and HC members.  I urge you to join us as an Alumni volunteer.  Do not wait for us to find you and ask for help.  Raise your hand!  Call Dane, Greg, or me. Participate in new Website. “Friend” GZ on Facebook.

I promise you the satisfaction you will receive from bringing Gamma Zeta back to its proud heritage of leadership and lifelong brotherhood will exceed the amount of time you are able to donate.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


Jack Klues ’77
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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