Honduras – Sunday

by Linda (Jones) Berl (Dr. Seth Berl’s ’78 wife and Larry Jones ’75 sister and Gamma Zeta Little Sister

Honduras – Sunday
Today was our sleep late & preparation day. We have to basically unpack & then repack all our meds so we’ll have equal amounts for our 4 different villages this week. Tomorrow we’ll be at El Cerron which is where we’ve done VBS for 5 years. Because more of the roads are paved now it should only take us an hour and 15 minutes to get there. In the old days, it was three hours! we are expecting to be extremely busy there because we usually go 2 days traveling back-and-forth, but this year we are only going one day.
I wanted to write the update tonight because of two separate experiences I had today. The first, is that Seth, myself and Wesena Adcock Jordan went to see Margot at her house. She is our Honduran friend who is very sick now, Some of you may have met her when she was in the states for treatment several times in the past few years. my heart broke when I saw her usual smile gone from her face. At the same time it was such a blessing for Seth to be able to answer the family’s questions on treatment and how to care for her. We told them Margot’s friends in the states are praying for her, and all their faces seemed to brighten upon hearing this.
Later Wesena, David Adcock and myself went to a local church. Their band led praise and worship for an hour, with most everyone standing the entire time, passionately praising the Lord. They passed out some homemade flags to several people, including each of us. So I got to wave a flag for the first time during a church service! As my arm started to tire, I thought “how much longer are they going to sing?” I know there’s no condemnation if I had decided to stop waving that flag, but looking out and seeing all those people rejoicing so passionately, I thought, “what a small thing it is to have a little muscle pain for the Lord!” One of my favorite experiences down here is to join the Hondurans in their simple, passionate worship.

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