Gamma Zeta Undergrads Practice Interviewing Skills on Alumni

Mock InterviewOn Wednesday, January 15, ATO alumni sponsored a Mock Interview Day at the Illini Center in Chicago to give ATO undergrads an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. Sixteen undergrads put on their best suits and ties, shined their shoes and each got an opportunity to meet and interview with two alumni. Each meeting consisted of a thirty minute interview followed by a fifteen minute feedback session.

All reported that they enjoyed the session, feel much more confident as they approach real interviews and would like to do it again. Some of the undergrad reported learnings include:

“I learned ways to translate resume credentials into talking points.”

“I learned how to restructure some of my phrasing in my answers to certain questions. I also learned more about the advertising industry and what the ideal person working in an agency is like.”

“I learned that body language is important.”

“ I learned that Philanthropy is always a plus – always talk about your involvement.”

Thanks to the following alumni who volunteered their time to serve as interviewers:

  • John Aymond 1980
  • Chris Bonds 2008
  • Douglas Brashler 2005
  • William Brennan 1978
  • Timothy Derry 2003
  • Jeff Eversden 2005
  • Justin Femmer 2006
  • Trent Jackson 2004
  • Jack Klues 1977
  • Peter Korst 1976
  • Richard Korst 1978
  • Matthew Massucci 1996
  • Joseph Patrevito 2002
  • Dan Reidy 2001
  • Jeffrey Scolaro 2004
  • Gregory Scott 1976
  • Mark Slocum 2006

Congrats to the undergrads who participated? They did a great job.

  • Ali Bhujwala 2015
  • Kevin Breckenfelder 2014
  • Michael Chada 2015
  • Jake Daniels 2014
  • Mark Giarelli 2015
  • Joseph Grazioso 2016
  • Matt Harasim 2015
  • Max Heilman 2015
  • Paul Jaroslawski 2015
  • Alexander Karl 2015
  • Sam Less 2014
  • Rocco Marchiori 2015
  • Jack Polancich 2015
  • Michael Samawi 2015
  • Sam Selby 2017
  • Brett Williams 2015

Alumni also reported that they enjoyed the experience and plans are already in place to do this again next year.

Here’s a link to an album of pictures from the event at our Facebook page –

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