Retired Brigadier General Frank Blazey ’42 gives keynote address on Memorial Day

FrankBlazeyJust came across this article about Retired Brigadier General Frank E. Blazey who initiated in Gamma Zeta in 1942 who gave the keynote address at a Memorial Day event in Hendersonville, NC a couple of weeks ago. Based upon his initiation year, he must be about 91… that’s pretty impressive. Congrats General Blazey!! –

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  1. I have known Gen. Blazey for 50 years, and I can attest that he is nothing if not a gentleman, a patriot, and a warrior! As you may know, he graduated from West Point in 1946, and embarked on a 30-year career in the army. He saw lots of action in Korea and his record in Viet Nam was legendary. (Look it up.) I did not know that he was a member of ATO. Of course, everyone knows where ATO was founded . . . at my alma mater! Best wishes to everyone.

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