Alan Dysert ’73 – The Senator Trailer

Alan Dysert ’73 passed on this link to the trailer for a film project that he’s had in the works which is now complete. It’s a lot of fun.  I think that you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s some additional info about the project directly from Alan…

This was a bucket list project for me. Which means I had to wear too many hats: writer, director, producer, music composer and performer, mop the floors… you name it.  But it made it much more satisfying than doing everything by committee or running everything by a network. I get to take the blame for everything. That’s cool with me.

There are some fun people in the project (now finished).
Jay DeMarcus from RASCAL FLATTS plays my speechwriter. Very funny guy besides being a hugely successful musician.
Tiffany Fallon – Playboy playmate of the year 2005 – plays a former lover now a member of Congress that hates my character.
Jack Cameron White- just finished up on Sons of Anarchy- ( former husband of Katie Segal-and best known as Rick Springfield’s drummer for 25 years) You see him on a motorcycle at the end for the trailer.

We had a great time -and this project will continue into another one.

Thanks for watching. I will keep you posted on where it ends up.


Alan Dysert
Artistic Director/Founder
The Actor’s School and Film School Nashville
1227 Lakeview Drive Suite#2
Franklin, TN 37067

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