Honduras mission day 1

by Dr. Seth Berl ’78


Honduras mission day 1…. travel day. i know the term “God showed up” is used casually for about anything but today “God showed up.” Travel day is bad. no other way to describe it. but i am getting ahead of myself. last night 10 of our team members going to honduras were spending the night in an atlanta airport hotel. we had 21 duffle bags for 10 people. everyone was suppose to take 2 duffle bags on the plane the following day and i would take 3. i had brought a bunch of empty duffle bags in case we had some extra stuff to take. i knew the first duffle would cost each person $40 and the second would cost each person $125. we were looking at spending about $1700 just to get the duffle bags full of medicine to honduras. once we started packing i quickly recognized that i had underestimated how many bags we would need. when we got done, we had 9 more duffles filled with at least 50 pounds of meds so another $1000. in addition, some of the team was flying out of orlando and would have to pay for their bags. there goes about another $300. i drove the team luggage to the airport early this morning with 3 of the guys and the rest of the team took the shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport. i drove the truck and trailer back to the hotel and caught the next shuttle. when i arrived, all the luggage was gone. linda was waiting for me with a big smile on her face. i knew something good happened. she explained that our group was taken by the supervisor over to a place to check in. they quickly checked everyone in including me and i was not even there. then they charged everyone $40 for their first duffle. then the team started loading the extra duffles on to the scales and almost all of them were overweight. max weight is 50 pounds and many of ours were 55. that would mean another $125 per bag. the supervisor asked what was in all the duffles and the team explained it was medication for a mission trip. the supervisor stopped everything and let all the duffles, about 26 which should of cost us $125 each, on for free. she did not charge anything for the bags being overweight or the extra duffle bags. then i found out that exactly the same thing happened in orlando to the luggage there and, in fact, they were not charged anything. WOW!!!! what a way to start a trip. Linda then told me that a group in moultrie had gotten up this morning to pray for our travels including our luggage. WOW!!! let the fun begin… there is someone much much more powerful that me leading the team and that is so comforting. seth

Congrats to new undergraduate executive team!

Gamma Zeta Elects New Executive Officers 1 (2-25-2015)Congrats on the new undergraduate executive team which was elected last week!

Jimmy and officers of last semester are still considered emeritus and engaged to help new guys while still living in house.

These guys below will be in their positions thru end of Fall ’15 semester.

Worthy Master-Mitchell Talbot

Worthy Marshall-Tony Frank

Treasurer-Jerry Huang

Head House Manager-Guy Urgo

New Member Educator-Patrick Cosgrove

Gamma Zeta Grade Report Fall 2014

report cardThe membership of Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Zeta Chapter continues to improve its collective GPA for a third consecutive semester!

The House average of 3.197 would rank ATO #7 this Fall among all fraternities and well above IFC and Fraternity Mens’ averages based upon school data supplied by Ashley Dye and the BFA.

3.197 also is higher than All Male Undergrad average of 3.15

Average Active Member average is 3.11 , #14.

New Member average is 3.19 ,# 2 only behind Sigma Phi Epsilon.

I am very proud of the commitment/ effort put to the House and to each other.

Keep it Up!


Jack Klues
Gamma Zeta ’77
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Announcing – 2nd Annual 2015 “Tau Madness” NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracket Challenge

Bill Barry '77 presents "Tau Madness" trophy to 2014 winner Frank Kulze '75

Bill Barry ’77 presents “Tau Madness” trophy to 2014 winner Frank Kulze ’75

Enter the 2nd Annual 2015 “Tau Madness” NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracket Challenge today!!

  • Test your NCAA basketball tourney picking skills against Gamma Zetas of all ages and around the world.
  • Make a donation to the house (we’re splitting the pot 50/50).
  • Take a chance of winning a great pot (last fall’s “Last Tau Standing” NFL Pool winner’s share was over $3,000!! and we think this will be even bigger!!)
  • Maybe get your name on a very cool trophy which will be displayed forever in the chapter house that you can show off to your children and grandchildren in the years to come!!
  • Most importantly earn bragging rights over Gamma Zeta brothers young and old!

Here are the rules.

  1. Make a $100 Donation for each entry by completing the form below.  You may submit multiple entries.  Just be sure to donate $100 for each entry.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions to register and enter your picks with our pool manager runyourpool.com.  (Note that you can set up your username and password now but will not be able to make your picks until after the final brackets are announced on “Selection Sunday” March 15.

You must make your donation and register and make your picks before the entry deadline of March 19, 2015 at 12:15 ET.

Pick Settings
Entry deadline: March 19, 2015 at 12:15 p.m. ET
Multiple entries allowed: Yes
Scoring Settings
Points awarded for wins (by round)
First Four: Play-in games are not included or scored
Second Round: 1 pt.
Third Round: 2 pts.
Sweet 16: 4 pts.
Elite 8: 8 pts.
Final 4: 16 pts.
Championship: 32 pts.
Championship game total points
First additional tiebreak: Pool points in Second Round
Second additional tiebreak: Pool points in Third Round
Split 50/50 between ATO Gamma Zeta and winners
Winners share will be split as follows:
1st place – 60%
2nd place – 25%
3rd place – 15%

If you need help making your picks, come to the ATO Gamma Zeta “Tau Madness” Kick-off Luncheon on March 10 in Chicago where Gamma Zeta ’86 and former Illini Basketball Star and Big Ten Network Commentator Doug Altenberger and other former Gamma Zeta Illini Basketball stars will share their picks for the upcoming Big Ten and NCAA Tourneys.

Make your donation by clicking on the “Add” button and completing the form below.