A Mom’s Day Perspective…

Kelly SchwartzThis note came in to Dave Krug ’96 who is one of the leaders of the current renovation efforts going on at the chapter house from Kelley Schwartz, Andy Schwartz’ ’15 mom.

April 9, 2014

Good Afternoon Dave, 

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful surprise it was to see all of the improvements going on at the ATO House.  It definitely made it my best mothers’ weekend yet!  During the auction and at a dinner later in the evening, I heard many of the other moms saying the same thing.  Thank you so much for taking charge of this huge project. Continue reading

Over 50 Taus gather to network and hear Cary McMillan ’80 at Chicago Club

cmacOn April 2, 2014 over 50 ATO’s gathered to network and to hear Cary McMillan ’80 talk about some of the fascinating opportunities and experiences that he’s had across a successful career spanning over 30 years. Highlights included Cary recognizing Larry Austermiller ’61 for recruiting him to his first job at Arthur Andersen and Rich Clausing ’77 for “reaching down into the pool of young accountants” at Andersen for key early assignments in the consumer goods industry and later roles as lead partner on Consolidated Foods which Continue reading