“Paul and Joe were perfect for the team”


Just got the following note from Dr. Seth Berl ’78 who led the Medical/Dental Mission trip to Honduras that Paul Jaroslawski ’15 and Joe Pearson ’15 recently joined. Here’s what Seth had to say about Paul and Joe…

“Paul and Joe were perfect for the team. We asked them what they would like to do and their response was ‘anything you need us to do’. We hear that response all the time and we ask a few more questions and get each member to tell us what he really wants to do. Joe ended up in the pharmacy. That’s not a hard job but many consider it boring. Joe did not think it was boring at all. He loved the pharmacy. Paul was assigned to help the dentists and did a great job. Neither ever complained. When they got caught up in their area of work, both would go around asking us if we needed any help. We always need help. If additional ATO’s come and are the quality of Joe and Paul, I will be happy as I will know we have an unselfish worker that puts the patients in front of their own needs.”

Great work Paul and Joe!!

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