Gamma Zetas support Hope Center in Champaign

hope center

Gamma Zeta philanthropy goes beyond big events focused on raising large sums of money for big name charities. Often times the little organizations are the ones that need the help the most and it isn’t always on the financial side. In our case, the place that needed our help was in fact right in our own backyard, almost literally. The Hope Center Food in Champaign, IL was in desperate need of some renovation and upkeep. The interior was a worn down and the walls were in bad shape so we decided to step in. One of our very own Alumni and BOT member, Norm Bilsbury ’92, plays an active role in Hope Center and offered to have the undergraduate members of Gamma Zeta take a short time out of their weeks to help out. Over the course of three different days, the members of The Gamma Zeta Chapter put in over 60 hours of combined community service helping to paint the interior of the Hope Center in Champaign, Il. At the end of the week we were pleased to hear that our work had paid off and that the Hope Center was grateful for our help.

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