Gamma Zeta Resident Director Job Description



The primary function of the Resident Director is to support the mission and vision of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Gamma Zeta Chapter. He/she is to work collaboratively to create and maintain a safe, inclusive and flourishing environment for the academic and personal growth of the members, assist members in resolving minor problems and monitor the conditions of the property. He/she is to provide an experienced, adult on premise for the safety of the membership and oversight of our precious physical plant. It is the role of the RD to-

  1. Foster a safe and inclusive member brotherhood and community
  2. Build trusting relationships with the members and other stakeholders (eg. House Corp, Outside Maintenance, the BFA, and Certified Housing)
  3. Serve as a supportive mentor and role model
  4. Nurture members with programming, resources, and positive learning experiences so that they may thrive at GZ and University of Illinois.
  5. Help solve problems and urgent matters within BFA, IFC, and Certified Housing communities
  6. Support the BOT and House Corporation in the administration of the Chapter House.


Fostering Community and build relationships

  1. Empower residents and Chapter leadership to create and shape community in the house.
  2. Promote a culture that is safe and inclusive
  3. Serve as active representative of BFA and Certified Housing communities by regularly attending sponsored events and meetings.
  4. Be visible and accessible to address residents’ needs or concerns.
  5. Maintain community standards through education, communication, and documentation.
  6. Consult with BOT, HC and ATO National Staff on conduct action as appropriate.
  7. Demonstrate leadership by working with the Chapter to develop a space for students to be successful in their personal, academic, and professional pursuits.
  8. Act as a positive role model for members by not participating in questionable and unethical behavior and demonstrating effective and ethical decision making skills.
  9. Form proactive and enduring relationships with undergraduate Exec Committee, GZ House Corp, GZ BOT, and ATO National Representative
  10. Communicate regularly with House Corp and BOT

Advising, Counseling, and Crisis Management

  1. Serve as an advisor to the Chapter in regards to residential, social, and community issues.
  2. Be knowledgeable of university resources and provide appropriate referrals and assist members’ utilization. (eg. Medical, Mental Health, Campus Police)
  3. Act as a mediator in conflicts among students.
  4. Educate residents about Residence Life and university policies.
  5. Maintain on-campus presence for large scale community events including Homecoming, Mom’s Day, Dad’s Day and Founder’s Day.
  6. Respond directly to crisis situations.
  7. Communicate and collaborate with the BOT, HC, ATO National and University on pertinent resident and Chapter concerns.
  8. Respond to member or visitor disorder. Contact emergency or Police if necessary
  9. Support members in solving interpersonal conflicts and personal problem

Provide meaningful educational and co-curricular programming to support students’ growth and development

  1. Be knowledgeable about and share University resources relevant to needs of members
  2. Make Chapter aware of University and ATO National policies and regulations in particular those regarding facility rules and standards of safety, drugs smoking alcohol and risk management.
  3. Work with Chapter Exec Committee to develop policies and implement programs promoting academic excellence.

Related Duties

  1. Maintain confidentiality in all matters related to residents and student staff.
  2. Maintain clear communication lines with the Residence Life and Housing Operations professional staff members.
  3. If desired, serve as a conduct officer for the BOT.
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Facilitate the check in, check out, room inspections, and damage billing processes at the open and close of each semester.
  2. Conduct a Move Out Process meeting two weeks in advance of scheduled Move Out.
  3. Conduct an orientation meeting at start of each semester for all members and pledges.
  4. Monitor the physical integrity of the space and report and follow-up on maintenance concerns working closely with maintenance and cleaning services.
  5. Conduct an informal daily walk through of the property to assure safety, security, and cleanliness issues are called out and actions to resolve taken.
  6. Attend weekly conference calls with BOT Chairman and HC President. No commitment outside of academics will be considered before this meeting.
  7. Meet regularly with Chapter leaders, specifically the Chapter President, Treasurer and House Manager.
  8. Attend and participate in all selection, on-boarding, training, and evaluation processes as deemed appropriate by the supervisor and/or Residence Life.
  9. Fulfill responsibilities related to monitoring registered in house social events.
  10. Maintain a list of all members’ emails, cell phone numbers as well as for that of their parents
  11. Submit weekly inspection reports regarding status of physical plant and membership safety.
  12. Act as primary point of contact for Fire Department Police and Emergency Personnel and lead chapter in fire drills and procedures
  13. Work with Chapter Officers and HC Kitchen Steward to effectively communicate with the Chef/Upper Crust Caterers. Arrange monthly meetings to discuss menu, serving dates, and meal quality. Work with Chapter Officers and cleaning staff to develop a program to keep food preparation and dining room areas clean and sanitary.


  1. The Resident Director position is a 10-month contract from August 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019. Resident Directors work approximately 15-20 hours per week. (Actual time commitment may vary during the academic year, with greater commitment around openings, closings, and pre-service training.)
  2. The Resident Director may move into apartment on August 1st, 2018
  3. The Resident Director must participate in same training as University Certified Housing Advisers in terms of school policies, standards as well as Counseling methods and conflict management.
  4. The Resident Director will be instructed on Chapter membership policies and standards as outlined by ATO National and BOT/HC.
  5. Occupancy of the apartment is available during academic year breaks, including Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. If the Resident Director will return for the following academic year he may be eligible to reside in the apartment over the summer break, with some exceptions in the case of renovation projects.
  6. Appointments for the position are made during the spring semester for the next academic year. Termination may occur at any time during the year due to one’s performance or lack of compliance with university policies, rules, and regulations. The Resident Director will receive ongoing evaluation from their supervisor.


  1. $1,000 monthly stipend
  2. Meals per Chapter serving schedule
  3. Furnished two room apartment ( Living Room and Bedroom) with its own separate bath/shower, utilities, internet and cable provided in Chapter house
  4. Parking spot in fraternity lot


  1. A qualified candidate must be an admitted, full-time student in a University of Illinois graduate program of study in good standing during time of employment. (Possible exceptions for students in their final semester of study. In addition to graduate student status, ideal candidates will:
    1. have previous experience with fraternity life (either as an undergraduate or postgraduate);
    2. be affiliated with a Greek-lettered organization or working knowledge of the dynamics of Greek-letter organizations (not ATO Gamma Zeta Chapter);
    3. have experience as a Chapter or Council leader (preferred) and/or demonstrated background in organizational leadership and conflict managment
    4. be subject to full criminal background check and random drug testing
    5. be an active and contributing member of the University of Illinois community.

If interested , please contact –

Jack Klues
Alumni Board of Trustees Chair
Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Zeta Chapter

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