Mom’s Weekend at Gamma Zeta

Mom's Weekend Auction

Mom’s Weekend Auction

Mom’s weekend has been a tradition at U of I that dates back to 1922 and I am happy to inform you all that it is still very much in full swing.

This past Saturday, the undergraduate brothers of Gamma Zeta gathered together with their mothers to celebrate this sacred holiday and keep the tradition going.

At 11 am, everyone convened in the front rooms for a lunch-in, where various forms of beverages and barbeque were served. Following lunch, all the brothers and their mothers participated in the annual Mom’s day auction which was hosted by your very own, brothers Jack Polancich ’15 and George Adams ’15. Items that were sold included an ATO inscribed box of cigars, an ATO bean bag set, and several gift baskets–just to name a few. The auction raised a whopping $5,650, all of which will go towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

After the auction, the moms of Gamma Zeta were able to spend some quality time with not only their sons, but with the other moms of Gamma Zeta as well. Parents don’t always get a chance to casually interact so it was a great time for them to finally get to know one another.


Brothers Tom Wolfe ’16, Jimmy Kowalczyk ’16, Sal Fratto ’16, and Gage Callahan ’17 with their moms

By the time dinner came around, everyone was pretty well acquainted. The dinner was held at a local bar and grill called ‘Cowboy Monkey’. Everyone who attended had nothing but good things to say about it–marking a great end to a great day!

A big thanks goes out to all the moms who sacrificed time out of their lives to come down and visit!

Jon Osacky ‘16.5 recognized for creating phone application, Meter for Uber

Just yesterday, Internet culture website, the Daily Dot, acknowledged Gamma Zeta Undergraduate Jon Osacky for creating the Android, and soon to be I-phone application, Meter for Uber. Meter for Uber gives Uber users a breakdown of exactly what they are paying for when they decide to ride with Uber.

Osacky came up with the idea while he was interning in California for another phone application company called Slice. Since he did not have a car, Osacky depended on Uber to get him from place to place and became interested in how Uber calculates its final cost. From here, Osacky began working and developing what would eventually become Meter for Uber.

Currently, Osacky is back in California interning for Facebook and will remain there over summer for an internship with Uber.

Jon speaking to an audience for ACM Open House at U of I.

Jon speaking to an audience for ACM Open House at U of I.

Congrats Jon on all your achievements, and I’m sure there will be many more to come!

Daily Dot article:

Gamma Zeta Board of Trustees works with Undergraduate Executive Board to plan for upcoming semester

image3After the mock interviews, Gamma Zeta’s Board of Trustees got together with the current undergraduate executive board and the members of House Corporation to assess the progress made over the last semester and to create additional goals and objectives for the semester to come.

A special thanks goes out to all who attended and here are some pictures taken at the meeting.