Think Spring!

FullSizeRender (4)Throwback Thursday – Think Spring and the days when the Gamma Zeta boys brought home the hardware from the links. This is Van Anderson, Herman Hertenstein, Fletcher Johnson and Robert Heath (Heath Candy Bars) in about 1949/50.

ATO’s stepping up….

11021162_796725787086323_2121545079598534293_nby Dr. Tom Sullivan ’78

When the idea was raised to send undergraduates from Gamma Zeta to Honduras to participate in the medical mission, I was confident that the brothers would find this a worthy effort and provide financial assistance… and I was not disappointed. Having been part of this trip for three years now, I knew it would be awesome for these guys to experience something of this magnitude. Although I did not get the chance to meet or work with Paul and Joe, Dr. Berl has expressed how great the guys were as part of the team in week #2.

I’d like to thank all the brothers who provided financial assistance to give Paul and Joe the opportunity to be part of something special. Your generosity exhibits one of the reasons we are all bound together in the pledge we took years before. The communication system that Dane has set up is a great way for all of us to stay in touch. I’m proud of all of Gamma Zeta nation and proud to call you brothers.

Providing the dental care to this impoverished people is a privilege and an honor. Working with Seth and Linda and the others I’ve met has enhanced my life; it can’t help but change you.

We are countlessly blessed as a people and a nation to be living in America. We truly take many things for granted. I’m confident that Paul and Joe will “pay it forward” and pass on the experience to others to continue in their footsteps.

If any of you have ever thought of participating in a mission such as this, I’d be happy to give you the necessary insight to help answer any questions or concerns. Thanks again for all your help.

VTL… Sully

“Paul and Joe were perfect for the team”


Just got the following note from Dr. Seth Berl ’78 who led the Medical/Dental Mission trip to Honduras that Paul Jaroslawski ’15 and Joe Pearson ’15 recently joined. Here’s what Seth had to say about Paul and Joe…

“Paul and Joe were perfect for the team. We asked them what they would like to do and their response was ‘anything you need us to do’. We hear that response all the time and we ask a few more questions and get each member to tell us what he really wants to do. Joe ended up in the pharmacy. That’s not a hard job but many consider it boring. Joe did not think it was boring at all. He loved the pharmacy. Paul was assigned to help the dentists and did a great job. Neither ever complained. When they got caught up in their area of work, both would go around asking us if we needed any help. We always need help. If additional ATO’s come and are the quality of Joe and Paul, I will be happy as I will know we have an unselfish worker that puts the patients in front of their own needs.”

Great work Paul and Joe!!

Gamma Zeta’s Founding – March 21, 1895

foundingbanquet (1)








Some of the first suggestions to form a chapter of Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Illinois came in the winter of 1892-3 at the dinner table at the home of Wesley E. King, 405 West White Street, Champaign. Seated around the table were, John H. Strawn, Clarence O. Pitney, Mark Hay, Henry W. Grieme, and Wesley E. King. The conversation turned to Greek letter fraternities. Mark Hay said that he had a pal in Chicago who could get a chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, so he was told to write to him and get instructions for organizing, which he did. This friend wrote Mark to organize as a local club and apply for a charter, but no formal organization was ever made. The matter was discussed later in Henry Grieme’s room at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Trotter, corner of Elm and White streets, Champaign, in the Spring of 1893. Nothing definite was accomplished, however, until about a year later, when the matter was taken up with Brothers W. G. Atwood, of Beta Theta Chapter, by Charles W. Noble and Mark Hay.Continue reading

“Never pass up an opportunity to experience a new culture”

Paul and Joe with the children of El Cacao

Paul and Joe with the children of El Cacao

Honduras 2015
by Joe Pearson ’15

First, I would like to thank the generous alumni who have made this trip possible for Paul and me…. Stu Meacham, Ted Ahlem, John Aymond, Dane Luhrsen, Dr. Doug McGregor, Jeff Piper, Dr. Neil Schlupp, Dr. Ken Venos, Dr. Dave Teuscher, Dr. Don Rubenstein, Dr. John Geiser and Dr. Seth Berl.

My name is Joe Pearson and I am a senior studying Economics and Political Science. My motivation for joining the medical mission trip to Honduras was to gain insight into the Foreign Service field, which I hope to pursue after graduation. I think my obsession with international affairs formed during one of my countless discussions with my grandfather. A combat veteran of both World War II and the Korean War, my grandfather was always glued to a TIME magazine or the international section of the Tribune. Being the oldest male grandchild, he would always make an effort to discuss the latest worldly events with me but all the intricacies and details would go in one ear and out the other. I remember sitting down with him following the 9/11 attacks and asking him “Why?” and receiving an answer that was far too complex for anyone to understand, let alone a confused 8 year old.Continue reading

It’s not too late to enter our Tau Madness NCAA Bracket Challenge – but it’s getting close!

Bill Barry '77 presents "Tau Madness" trophy to 2014 winner Frank Kulze '75

Bill Barry ’77 presents “Tau Madness” trophy to 2014 winner Frank Kulze ’75

We have 27 entries already for our Tau Madness NCAA Bracket Challenge and they keep coming in. It’s not too late to enter. Deadline is tomorrow, March 19 at 12:15 ET. Don’t miss this!! Here’s a link to all of the details and to donate and enter –!form/TauMadnessNCAABBallPool2015