Joining the “Zeebs” would be worse than Herpes

ATO picks up some great free agents
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Friday, May 29, 1970

In 5 intramural divisions… Point trophies awarded Five new Intramural Achievement Point Trophy winners have been crowned, one in each of the five divisions. The trophy, symbol of athletic supremacy, is awarded on the basis of most points earned throughout the year in ten intramural sports. With a second place finish in 16 inch softball, Townsend 4S gained enough points to overtake Weston 3W and capture the Achievement Point Trophy in Men’s Residence Halls division with a total of 344. Weston 3S finished second with 329 points followed by Scott 2W (299) and Snyder 2W (220). Townsend earned a large portion of its points on the strength of championships in volleyball and water polo. In the Fraternity Blue division, Phi Epsilon Pi edged out last year’s point trophy winner, Alpha Tau Omega by a quarter of a point, 321.25 to 321…

“The year after helping Phi Epsilon Pi beat ATO out for the All Points Trophy, Vie and I joined ATO.

Vie and I were pledge brothers at Phi Ep. Believe it or not our pledge class beat Delt’s in the Semi’s and Sammy’s in the Finals of Pledge Football. That Spring ZBT purchased Phi Ep nationally. Joining the “Zeebs” would be worse than Herpes and no one in their right mind would even consider it.

Billy’s and my older brother, Mark (the originally Goldy) was a senior and real good friends with John McGill (the original JM). Vie and I met Jeff (our JM) through our brothers and became good friends. The next year (our sophomore) soccer became an IM point sport. When JM found out about Vie and I both playing High School Soccer, and now not affiliated with any house, he talked with the powers to be at the House and asked us to come over and chat about possibly joining the house (ATO needed soccer players!!). The rest is history.

That’s right Dane, Vie and I were drafted originally for our soccer prowess. Vie wound up playing Football and Soccer for the Taus, while I played Football, Soccer, Handball and long jumped for the house. Not a bad deal all the way around!!”

Scott Gold 1973
March 5, 2013

“The rivalry between Phi Eps and ZBT was probably the most intense within the Greek System. The Zeebs were putzs then as well as when we were at Illinois and the stud Jewish guys all pledged Phi Ep as you can tell by the winning of the All-Points Trophy. All things happen for a reason, if ZBT did not purchase Phi EP, I definitely would have been a Phi EP.”

Billy Gold 1977
Gamma Zeta WM 1975
March 5, 2013

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