ATO Gamma Zeta Tailgate at Soldier Field

FB_vs_Northwestern_MatchupQuick reminder…The Illini play Northwestern next Saturday, November 28 at 2:30 PM at Soldier Field and Cary “CMac” McMillan ’80 is hosting a tailgate. Here are the details…
Location just east of Waldron parking lot. See pic below.
He has ordered Portillos hot food, beer water and soda. He will also have two satellite tvs, the bags game and more. Everyone invited. $15 donation per adult. Assume tailgate gets started about noon. Dee Brown will stop by too.
Ed Kral ’63 had a couple of extra tickets. They are in the Club Section. These sell for $80 each. He can get them in the mail if you respond quickly. Section 209 row 2. Go in gate 6. Reach out to Ed directly if you are interested –
CMac might have some tickets too. Check with him at


Thanking our Veterans today – Walter T. Morey ’40

Walter Morey (2)

As a way to thank our Veterans today on Veterans’ Day, I thought that it would be interesting to share the nomination which was recently submitted for one of our own, Walter T. Morey ’40 for the University of Illinois Army ROTC Hall of Fame.  He had an exceptional career as a student, in the military and in civilian life and deserves to be recognized and remembered as do all of our many Gamma Zeta veterans.  We’ll find out during the spring of 2016 if he’s selected for the Hall of Fame.  Thanks to all of our veterans today!


I’d like to nominate Major Walter T. Morey ’40 for the Army ROTC Hall of Fame.  Here is some information about him:

Born: August 02, 1918
Died: March 18, 2009
Early life:
  • 1936 Graduate of Stephen Decatur high school with honors
  • Reached Eagle rank with two palms as a Boy Scout
  • Served as Assistant Scoutmaster
College life:
  • 1940 Graduate of the University of Illinois
  • Appointed in 1939 as Student Colonel to lead the 4,000 students in the University ROTC Brigade by Col. Fred R. Brown Commandant with approval of A.C. Willard, President of the University
  • Maintained an academic average in the College of Commerce of 3.92 and a military average of 5.0
  • Winner of the University gold medal, as the most outstanding sophomore cadet
  • Winner of the Connor’ cups for the best drilled freshman and sophomore in the field artillery in 1937 and 1938
  • Won the Hazelton medal during his first year basic course as the best cadet of that rank
  • Awarded an excellence bar with three stars for maintaining a military standing in the upper 4 percent of his class
  • Member of three military fraternities—Caisson club, Scabbard and Blade and Pershing Rifles
  • Member of Skull and Crescent, freshman activity honorary and Sachem, sophomore activity honorary, Ma-Wan-Da senior honorary society
  • Business Manager of the Illio
  • Active in Star Cross, Student Alumni Association, Accountancy Club and the YMCA
  • Cabinet member of the Inter-fraternity council
  • President of the Military Council
  • Chairman of the Military Ball
  • Treasurer and then President of the Student senate
  • Member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
  • 1947 Graduate of Harvard Law School
  • During WWII, served three years of active duty with the 36th Field Artillery in North Africa, Italy and France. Major Morey’s unit was the first to fire on the mainland of Europe in 1943
  • At the outbreak of the Korean War, he served as a battalion commander in Korea until 1951
  • Awarded the Bronze Star, Legion of Merit and three French Croix de Guerre
Post Military:
  • Attorney in Decatur
  • Founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Soy Capital Bank
  • Founded Security Savings and Loan
  • Partner in the development of Brettwood Village Shopping Center
  • Elected to the Decatur City Council in 1960 and served for six years
  • Trustee at Millikin University
  • Member of the University of Illinois President’s Council
  • President of the Decatur Bar Association, Rotary, United Way of Macon County and the American Red Cross in Decatur
  • He served as an elder at First Presbyterian Church
More info:
Link to great Daily Illini article from when Walter Morey was selected to be Colonel of the student ROTC Corp at Illinois – 039-DIL-1939-04-23-001-SINGLE (2)

Gamma Zetas to participate in Medical/Dental Mission trip to Honduras in 2016

Paul and Joe with the children of El Cacao

Paul and Joe with the children of El Cacao

Gamma Zeta Alumnus Dr. Seth Berl ’78 has participated in 20 medical/dental mission trips to Honduras and led them for the last 13 years.  Dr. Tom Sullivan ’78 has joined Seth for the last four years.  Last year for the first time, two Gamma Zeta undergrads, Joe Pearson ’15 and Paul Jaroslawski ’15 joined the team and had an incredible experience.  We’re very pleased to announce that Gamma Zeta alumni will be sponsoring at least two undergrads to join the trip again March 5-12, 2016.

We’ll pick two ATO Gamma Zeta undergrads to partially sponsor (we’ll pay the $950 ground costs… you pay flight and incidentals) from applicants who meet all of the following criteria and complete the following application by Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 11:59 pm Central (no excuses… get your fully completed applications in early).  We will notify those selected by Wednesday, Decmeber 9 via email.

If you have any additional questions about the trip, please contact Dr. Seth Berl 229-850-0019 or
  1. Complete and submit application below by Wednesday, December 2 at 11:59 PM Central to be considered.
  2. Must have a valid Passport that does not expire in 2016 and submit copy via separate email to by Wednesday, December 2 at 11:59 PM Central.
  3. Must agree to personally fund and purchase airline ticket and cover incidental expenses (estimated at approximately $600-$800 for ticket and $100-$200 for incidentals)
  4. Ticket must be purchased on a flight that coordinates with Dr. Berl for ground transportation in Honduras
  5. Must personally coordinate all your own transportation in the United States to and from airport
  6. Must be in good academic standing and personally work out details with instructors to miss class.
  7. Must agree to do a daily “blog” on ATO website while in Honduras to report back your experiences
  8. Must agree to participate if selected



Chapter Eternal – C. Donald Ainsworth ’42

Donald-Ainsworth-193x300Just heard the sad news that C. Donald Ainsworth who initiated ATO Gamma Zeta in 1939 passed away this morning. Don was a great guy and a loyal and active ATO for his whole life.

I have two favorite lines from Don.  The first was when I asked him about his college time at ATO and he said that he “majored in intramurals”.  He and his brother, Dean Olson were the instigators for getting ATO going in intramurals during those days and I know that Don was very proud of a plaque that he still had listing him near the top of the all campus intramural individual standings.  After a long and successful career with the FBI, building an insurance business and serving as Insurance Commissioner for the State of Missouri, the thing that really brought a sparkle to his eye was talking about ATO intramurals.

The second occurred when we presented his Diamond Circle Certificate at a luncheon in St. Louis in May 2014 signifying his incredible 75 years of membership in the fraternity.  His response… “What comes after Diamond?”  Well… Don knows now and I expect that it’s pretty good.

There will be visitation on Saturday or Sunday at Popp Chapel in Kirkwood, MO from 4-8 pm and I’ll publish details as soon as they are announced. Here are links to a couple of items that we published about Don – and